Having Problems with the Council Approval Process?

Having obtained hundreds (sometimes on appeal) we may be able to assist.
(It’s only a phone call)

Council staff if it is their chosen profession are really helpful and assist all they can. There are some who didn’t choose Local Government but merely ended up there through a family member and got stuck as a result of commitments and have resented it ever since taking their frustrations out on the general public.

The approval process is straightforward if aligned with the R codes and relevant Gazetted Policy of the Shire. Sometimes there are concessions needed as a result of the particular needs of the propoised structure such as existing site conditions. After the wars, blocks were subdivided and houses built before some of the regulations came to be so there were anomalies. This is when the council staff must make a decision but this can lead to responsibility which is often avoided leading to meetings and deferments and sometimes the necessary appeals nonsense. e.g.
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We take the headache out of the process.