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You may have had months of discussions but a decision has not been forthcoming, just delay after delay. Often delays have been blamed on incomplete information being provided at the application stage, but for something like a carport (taking years) how much information does it take. Back in the day when the regulations were compiled not everyone had a car.

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If the application has been going on long enough or if it has become urgent like a nursery for a baby on the way it is essential to get a refusal prior to appeal.

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The SAT process is straightforward and is relatively swift for a Government Dept and relatively inexpensive compared with the delays and inaction and often the Councils prefer a third party to make the decision and take subsequent responsibility, after all the rates paid don’t cover this and requries tax payer’s money.

A word of warning!

The SAT occasionally┬árecommends a mediation prior to the hearing. Of the cases I know where the appelant has declined the matter has been heard and it was a success. Of the cases where mediation was agreed the appelant was bullied with threats of massive fines and court costs if they didn’t settle. The Google reviews on the SAT reflect this.

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To discuss further, give us a call or send an email with the story so far….

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